Our 2022 Grassroots Advocacy Campaign

3/28/22 - NYSCHSA President Andrew Avery's reminder to all: There's work still to be done in promoting Local Roads Are Essential!  Please keep the message going and contact your Legislators--asking for their support! 

Update - 3/16/22

Statement from NYSCHSA and NYSAOTSOH on Local Roads Are Essential

Governor Kathy Hochul’s Executive Budget recognizes the vast needs of the local transportation system by including a 20% overall funding increase.  We commend Senate Transportation Chair Timothy Kennedy and the Senate Leaders for supporting further increases for local roads. Likewise, we appreciate Assembly Transportation Chair William Magnarelli and Assembly Leaders for backing more transportation funding above the Executive levels as well. This year, with the infusion of significant federal infrastructure investments that will greatly benefit the State Department of Transportation’s system, we have a short window of opportunity to increase state dollars to local transportation programs. Making critical, needs-based investments now will pay dividends for the next generation by modernizing and building resiliency into our aging and ailing statewide transportation system. This will immediately help to retain and create construction jobs and boost economic development in our communities. Enhanced CHIPS and Extreme Winter Recovery funds as proposed by the Senate is consistent with what highway professionals determine is needed over the next five years to truly make a difference in the condition, functionality and safety of our highways, bridges and culverts for several decades to benefit the next generation. We are urging that, during the three-way negotiations, the Executive and lawmakers adopt the local highway funding increases contained in the Senate one house bill as part of the final budget. 

for Increased State Funding for Local Roads, Bridges and Culverts 

Each March, more than 600 County and Town Highway Superintendents, Public Works Commissioners and Highway industry professionals converged at the New York State Capitol and Legislative Office Building in Albany, New York for the "Local Roads Are Essential!" Advocacy Campaign. The groups urge the Governor and state lawmakers to make the maintenance and repair of local roads and bridges a top priority in the state budget.

March 9, 2022

Thank You to the Legislators who showed their support at our Virtual Rally today!  We were very fortunate to have the following elected officials who were scheduled to speak to the 250+ rally participants:

  • Senator Tim Kennedy
  • Assembly Member Bill Magnarelli
  • Senator Tom O’Mara
  • Assembly Member Phil Palmesano 

We also thank the following legislators who stopped by and shared at the rally:

  • Assembly Member Marianne Buttenschon
  • Assembly Member Joe Angelino
  • Assembly Member Aileen Gunther 

Our work is not done! Keep speaking with your Legislators and ask for their support of NYS roads, bridges and culverts!

Thank you to Team Leaders, County and Town Executive Committees, Legislative Committees, and Co-Chairs for working together to make our grassroots advocacy efforts a great success!

Before the Legislature | Advancing Our Agenda

Recently, the Presidents of NYSCHSA and NYSAOTSOH testified before the Legislative Joint Budget Hearing on Transportation. Below please find clips of their testimony and comments by Legislators. 

Here is NYSCHSA President Andrew Avery's Testimony (3:02):


NYSAOTSOH President Richard Benjamin's Testimony (2:58)


Assemblyman Philip Palmesano Questioning NYSCHSA President Avery (2:52)


Assemblyman William Magnarelli & Senator Timothy Kennedy Thanking the Associations, Their Leadership & Service to the Citizens of New York State (2:42)


Local roads are a crucial part of the state's infrastructure. As much as half of all vehicle miles traveled in New York State are on local roads. The maintenance, repair and strategic replacement of existing transportation infrastructure are required for safety, mobility and for the state to remain economically competitive. Providing much-needed funds for local roads and bridges also sustains jobs in highway related industries and professions.