LDSA Frequently Asked Questions


Making contacts with Counties during the LDSA submission period:

  • First, if you have questions on the LDSA RFQ, submission content or procedure, send those to NYSCHSA at [email protected]. Please do not ask individual County Staff.

  • Second, up until each region has established their regional list and/or short list, any consultant (or sub-consultant) planning to submit (or be a sub to a submitting consultant) an LDSA proposal shall not discuss anything relating to the LDSA with any State, County, City or Town employee or political representative. That doesn't mean you can't visit or otherwise contact State and town staff, County superintendents and staff or elected representatives and talk about anything else...just not in relation to the LDSA program.

What exactly do we submit to NYSCHSA?

  • One separate electronic copy for each region you are submitting, no hard copies. Ten copies of the same go to the regional coordinator.

Dividers and Bookmarking

  • The RFQ states to use "appropriate dividers"--there aren't any preferences. That is up to you--same goes for Bookmarking the PDF. If it's easy for you to navigate then it should be alright for the reviewers.

Are there any restrictions regarding the use of color?

  • Using color is fine.

Are there any limitations to font size?

  • Larger font size is preferred.

Are modifications to the forms allowed?

  • The 330 form is a form consultants have used before for DOT projects--Please use that as a guide. If DOT allowed it then all is good on our end.

Can a cover letter can be included in the LDSA submittal?

  • Use of a cover letter and/or some sort of title page as part of the submittal is permissible.

Criteria Evaluation under item #3, Experience with LAFA Projects:

  • When evaluating experience with LAFA projects, it is important for evaluators to know what part(s) of the project you worked on...survey, environmental, design, construction etc. All work is scored so be specific.

A concern was brought up about the potential limits on who could be in the organizational chart in the 330 form:

  • On the 330 form, in Section D, it could be interpreted that respondents include an organizational chart that shows only the names of the 8 individuals that you are allowed to show resumes for as directed in Section E. In order for the evaluators to get a better picture of the firm's capabilities, the organizational chart can be expanded to include any services and individuals you wish to highlight. You are not limited to the ten individuals whose resumes are provided in section E.

Are CIN designations required of all subcontractors?

  • Yes

Do I need a CIN number for all my identified team members at the time of Submission?

  • Yes

The 330 form has limited space for project descriptions. Can we combine similar project work in one "box"?

  • Your goal is to convey your experience. Whatever way you want to do that is ok.

Do we include branch offices?

  • In this age of instant communication and the internet, that project work can be split among offices. You should identify the main office that will handle project management chores and any branches that will potentially work on the project. Most likely you have team members identified that sit at other branch offices. Make sure that is clearly indicated in the EOI.

In Part 1, Section H of the SF 330 it allows respondents to attach additional information requested by the agency. What might local agencies be looking for in this section?

  • Through narrative discussion, show reason why the firm or joint venture submitting this questionnaire believes it is especially qualified to undertake the project. Information provided should include, but not be limited to, such data as: specialized equipment available for this work, any awards or recognition received by a firm or individuals for similar work, required security clearances, special approaches or concepts developed by the firm relevant to LDSA type projects, etc. Respondents may say anything they wish in support of their qualifications. When appropriate, respondents may supplement this proposal with graphic material and photographs which best demonstrate design capabilities of the team proposed for this project.

Is it required for the prime consultant to submit a Section F of the SF330 for each subconsultant, or is Section F optional for subconsultants?

  • Part I is limited to 1 per the entire team, and yes – Section F projects are limited to 8 example projects for the Prime Consultant and 2 for each Subconsultant. There should be a separate Part II for every team member included in the proposal.

Where should the CIN appear on the submission?

  • There is no formal location on the SF 330 for a CIN number. In fact, there is no requirement in the RFEOI that it be displayed anywhere, just that all offices of a selected firm have a CIN #. This is so certified by signing the SF 330 in Section I. Should firms want to include it, they can – suggestion would be somewhere in Section B.

I see that the MBE/WBE/SDVOB goal has increased from 30%-36% for NYS funded projects.

  • Yes it has.